About Us

BIZ-LYNX Technology has a team able to analyse and understand your specific needs so you’re set up with the equipment that’s right for you. Since our establishment in 1998 we’ve been fortunate to obtain a unique background that has equipped us with a capacity relatively rare for ICT companies.

BIZ-LYNX Technology began life as a consultancy helping Not-For-Profit organisations plan their IT needs five years in advance for their Lotterywest ICT grant applications. These projects gave our personnel an invaluable insight into designing long term system planning strategies.

We have the ability to create solutions designed to accommodate business growth and to create cost effective solutions that are reliable and stable. We only employ staff with a business mind-set and our partnerships with equipment suppliers are primarily focused on the needs of customers.

“We work closely with our clients to understand their business, and ensure a solution that delivers real bottom line returns within a low Total Cost of Ownership.”

BIZ-LYNX Technology is one of those unique companies that focuses on customer service and delivering solutions customers need and ask for. “If you need it in pink, we will make it happen”. We dont try to sell solutions, we answer your question with a solution.

Customers today complain about the common approach of “death by powerpoint” or “I asked for a keyboard and they tried to sell me the whole machine”. BIZ-LYNX Technology strives at being able to listen and respond. With our strategic partnerships and multi-vendor relationships we can find the best fit to your requirements.

Our mission

“We are a service driven, customer focused organisation that develops, delivers innovative and cost effective solutions to our customers.”