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Containerised And Prefabricated

Containerised And Prefabricated

BIZ-LYNX Technology provides specialised customer designed and engineered containerised data centres.

Containerised Data Centres are specifically engineered for environments where portability and/or scalability is essential, often where there is little or no existing infrastructure.

Solutions are tailored to customer specifications and manufactured according to individual requirements. Solutions such as Remote Server Storage, Hut Communications solutions, Radio Repeater stations are but some solutions for Government, Mining and Resources, Defense.

Containers are designed with expansion in mind. Side panels can be removed and additional containers bolted together for increased capacity. For remote and harsh environments, two door entry solutions are provided for “clean room” capabilities.

Containers are provided in 20ft and 40ft configurations with provisions for expansion, power such as wind turbine, solar and diesel generation and battery backup. Installation can be via raised mounts, concrete or road base. Communications options vary with satelite receiver mounting, wireless tower or other methods. All solutions are engineered with full specifications/designs to ensure a solution that meets and exceeds requirements.

BIZ-LYNX Technology will perform site audits and data centre analysis and design to provide a solution that meets power, environmental and security requirements. BIZ-LYNX Technology can recommend and supply racking, cooling, server and communications infrastructure as a complete data centre solution.

Containerised Data Centres are engineered within the highest standards and include:

• Insulated ISO Certified Solutions
• Site Delivery
• Fire Protection, Suppression and Detection Systems
• Temperature and Humidity monitoring
• Energy and UPS/Generation solution
• Access and floor design
• Sealing and Filtration
• Air Cooling and inline rack cooling solutions

Hot Isle

Cold Isle

Prefabricated Office – Communications Hut Solutions

BIZ-LYNX Technology prefabricated container solutions are engineered and designed for environments requiring a customised footprint.

These solutions are ideal for scenarios such as modular transportable offices, radio repeater stations or solutions where a container would not be suitable.

We are a service driven, customer focused organisation that develops, delivers innovative and cost effective solutions to our customers.