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DR Planning And Implementation

DR Planning And Implementation

Business utilise information technology to communicate, process and store information – but what happens when there is a hardware or software failure, security breach or even a natural disaster to name but some of the threats than can occur.

What would be the business impact if you couldnt use your email or make and receive phone calls or look up a customer or client record? What would happen if that outage was for an hour, day or even a week whilst you source new hardware, networks or retrieve from a backup (if it also hasnt been compromised)?

These and many other risks are faced by business daily no matter how small or large.

Do you have a disaster recovery plan and a business continuity plan? Do you have redundant systems in place?

Our team of specialist engineers can assist from designing and developing plans to providing and implementing redundancy to your systems. We work with business from all sizes and sectors and implement strategies from simple network redundancy to fully Highly Available DR systems in remote Data Centres.

Data Backup

Having a copy of your data is one of the most critical aspects of any kind of DR plan. Keeping that copy safe however is where most business fail. Often that backup is directly attached to the working copy, exists in the same onsite location and often has no security or firewall between it and the rest of the network. What would happen if there was a fire, theft, digital intrusion or data encryption event – would your data still be safe? Our solution architects can work with you to mitigate against these and other risks and provide solutions tailored to your budget and requirements.

Loss of Access

A complete loss of access to your data can occur for many reasons. Your data is stored onsite in a local server, but there is a fire, the motherboard on the server fails, the network is not working due to a network device failing or internet service is down?  What if your entire network fleet of computers is infected with ransomware and you can no longer boot your servers or PC’s?  What impact would this have to your business, what monetary losses would occur trying to resurrect services? These threats are all too common and the business impacts and costs due to the loss often greatly exceed the costs of implementing a DR and Business Continuity plan.

Smart planning and effective risk management is integral to business survival. We insure our cars, our homes we even insure our employees, but more often than not business fail to ensure their data and systems are safe so their business is able to operate and service its clients in the times of some unplanned disaster or event.

Even within the smallest of budgets our team can assist your organisation in acheiving a successful DR strategy to ensure your business has continuity, and work with you to mitigate against current and potential risks to your business.