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Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

What is Endpoint Protection and why is it important? Network security is only as good as your weakest point and often this point is the user controlled device.

Why? Because it is very difficult to not only control what end users do but also to educate them not to do it – ultimately we are human and unfortunately sometimes make mistakes.

Endpoint protection not only prevents threats from entering the network at the user controlled device from web email and other methods, but provides advanced logging and centralised reporting, forensic analysis of what was done and how so remediation can be performed as well as advanced sandboxing and detection to analyse applications and discover those zero day unknown threats as they occur.

BIZ-LYNX through its partners offers endpoint protection via its hosted data centre service or on premises to simplify management, detailed reporting and rapid deployment.

Through the Unified Endpoint Security Management customers are provided a full suite of Endpoint Security Software Blades are managed under one console and server by the Endpoint Policy Management Software Blade, providing:

Full Disk Encryption: Combines pre-boot protection, boot authentication and strong encryption to make sure that only authorized users are given access to information stored on desktops and laptops.

Media Encryption and Port Protection: Protects data stored on the computers by encrypting removable media devices and allowing tight control over computers’ ports (USB, Bluetooth and so on).

Capsule Docs: Capsule Docs is a secure mobile document management system that follows your documents wherever they go, making sure you have complete control over who is accessing sensitive data and what they can do with it.

Remote Access VPN: Provide secure, seamless access to corporate networks remotely

Anti-Malware: Protect endpoints from unknown viruses, worms, and Trojan horse malware.

Firewall and Compliance Check: Stop unwanted traffic, prevent malware and block targeted attacks and ensuring that protected computers comply with your organization’s security requirements and assign different security levels according to the compliance state of the endpoint computer.

SandBlast Agent: SandBlast Agent defends endpoints with a complete set of real-time advanced protection technologies, including Threat Emulation, Threat Extraction, Anti-Ransomware, Anti-Bot, Zero Phishing and Automated Incident Analysis.

Of critical importance is the central management and reporting of endpoints in real time. This greatly reduces management overhead and cost as well as provide 360 degree view of your assets even when they are not inside your network. Our vendor solutions have been selected for not only their industry proven solutions and independently rated expertise, but the high level of reporting and simplified management as without effective reporting, alerting and analysis the network and security of your assets is an unknown.

We welcome your enquiry and would love to discuss how we can assist you with your endpoint protection strategy.