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Exchange Email Hosting

Exchange Email Hosting

In the current corporate environment, email as a tool of communication is indispensable. Microsoft Outlook Exchange is a competent and a quite popular player in this market. Have you wondered why it is so?

While there are many other companies that offer their email and outlook services, Microsoft outlook exchange is used by a majority of business organisations across the world mainly because of the inherent quality of its service, its brand reliability and its easy maintenance.

Additionally, Microsoft is one of the most renowned brands which have integrated services synced into its outlook software for example calendar, contacts, and planner thus making it convenient and extremely practical for use by most businesses organizations.

What is Email Exchange Hosting?

Microsoft Exchange powered email solution runs on email servers. Microsoft Exchange can handle tens of thousands of emails and so two types of the primary environments can be set up based on the need of the company. If the criteria of the company rests on heavy exchange of emails or the organisation wishes to maintain its own private cloud infrastructure, then it is best to provide such company or organisations with a dedicated email exchange host or cluster that will also help it to handle the complex and heavy flow of emails that are sent and received by the organisation.

However, these dedicated email exchange servers may prove to be very pricey to smaller business houses or to individuals or they simply don’t need to manage a full exchange server setup. Also such entities may not use the full capacity of the email exchange host and so the most practical solution to opt for them is to used a multi tenanted solution.

Multi tenanted mail solutions are managed and pre configured so organisation can still maintain email integrity, availability and security, whilst avoiding the costs and infrastructure of a dedicated solution.

Here is why BIZ-LYNX Technology is the most reliable Hosted Exchange Provider!

The role of a reliable hosted exchange provider can greatly help the company in running their business operations smoothly and efficiently. As Microsoft Exchange is widely used, there are multiple exchange options from which to choose and can be customized as per the company’s need. any good hosted exchange provider should provide the following main features:

Your entire data is secured at our onshore sites. Because we work within the ambit of the Australian jurisdiction, we can give you a guaranteed assurance that the security of your data is always our highest priority, no matter what!

Further BIZ-LYNX Technology is an Australian owned and operated business and our hosting solutions are all local so hosting with us means you are supporting the local cloud industry and not investing in a foreign multinational cloud provider with a majority of its interests offshore.

Updates regarding security or application must be automatically done and there must be no room for the hassle to take time out to manually update.

Maintaining privacy and security is the primary responsibility of a hosted exchange provider. A good provider is equipped with fully managed data centers that are regularly scanned with anti-spam and anti-viruses software. All email exchange is through SSL encryption to ensure that sensitive data of the company remains integrated and secure.

For any good hosted exchange provider, it is very important to be able to provide vigilant support by experts. There must be no time lag in addressing problems with email exchange from the client’s side. Our professional support team is dedicated in resolving problems in the quickest possible time and in the best way that is possible.

It’s essential to have Microsoft Email Exchange to be compatible with the Outlook so that calendar, events, tasks and the details of the contacts remain in sync both inside and outside the office premises.

For the smooth running of the business it is essential to have all the operations running smoothly simultaneously. Discrepancy in any one of the business operation can have a domino effect on the other processes and cost the organisation heavily in the form of monetary loss or the loss to its goodwill.

In order to ensure that the email exchange is running smoothly all times, a backup host may be set up in a remote location. This proves helpful when there are emergencies such as power failure,natural disasters, etc. in case of any such contingencies, the email communication remains up and running and thus does not affect the performance of the company.

Where is your data stored? It is essential that your email is located in the same country that your organisation operates from to ensure full compliance with state and federal laws – each country for example has its own privacy laws.

Network Latency is often considered all too late – accessing your email from the same country and even the same state can have a major impact in the speed and accessibility of your data. Is your hosting provider local to your business operations, this can have a major impact in performance?

Choose BIZ- LYNX Technology, choose freedom from unnecessary overheads!

If you are looking for hosted Email Exchange service or even an on premise solution that is cost effective and also simultaneously productive across all the processes then we strongly recommend that you choose us over the others because we can help your company free up capital, IT staff, and other cost overheads for more productive and effective use within your organization as well as provide expert advice and experience to assist you in making an informed choice.

We are a service driven, customer focused organisation that develops, delivers innovative and cost effective solutions to our customers.