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Managed And SLA Services

Managed And SLA Services

We understand that in today’s competitive IT environment, the technological heterogeneity is quite daunting to be able to manage everything right from handling the basic business processes down to simultaneously solving back office technical glitches. That is precisely why we’d like to offer you our IT Managed Services which is the best bet in terms of technology and costing. 

Here is a list of some of the managed IT Services provided by us:

IT infrastructure

Network connectivity

Monitoring Bandwidth network

Maintaining network security


Disaster recovery of data

Managing storage

Solving Mobility issues

providing a level 1, 2 or 3 helpdesk as requried

SLA agreements

Mobile Device Management

Remote access and site to site access

Design and infrastructure architecture services

Hardware supply

Software supply

Asset management

The list is not an exhaustive one and solutions can be tailored from providing only Level 3 support to internal teams, overflow support to existing teams to full ICT management and support services from Level 1 to Level 3. Our managed services are provided by our specially selected team of qualified and experienced personnel who have worked with multiple industry verticals and technologies providing a wealth of knowledge and high levels of customer experience focus.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) helps its customer proactively throughout the business processes by aiding the organization with the basic as well as advanced IT services. The MSPs can work in different capacities as a technical service provider or as a technical staff facilitator based on the terms of the agreement between them and the organization.

The Managed Services by BIZ-LYNX Technology follows the subscription model wherein we bill the client company either from month to month or annually, whatever suits it the best.

The difference between the subscription model followed by us and the On-demand service that is available in the market is that in the latter, the client is billed only for a specific service that the MSP may be called upon to perform.

The Managed Services by Biz-Lynx Technology is governed by a valid contract. The terms of services are clearly etched out in a valid service level contract between Biz-Lynx Technology and clients. Since it is not a pre formatted contract, the terms and conditions of the service of the contract can vary across the companies depending on the kind of Managed Services that Biz-Lynx Technology is asked to perform.

The advantages of having a contract:

1. It enables clarity of services;
2. It becomes legally binding on both the parties. 

Here are the possible benefits that your company can reap by adopting Managed Services:

• It is the best way to stay abreast with the latest technology that is trending in the field;
• The company can have access to the right employees with the necessary set of skills required for troubleshooting technical issues;
• Issues relating to quality of the product and/or services, cost and shortcoming can be effectively addressed;
• Migrating to the cloud is easier when you have an IT partner who is dedicatedly looking after it – if that is a path to be explored
• Resources and SLAs can be managed effectively with known outcomes, requirements and customer expectations
• Costs can be managed effectively for an organisation
• Reduction in support costs / outages due to dedicated and skilled resources who are managing the infrastructure and servicing that infrastructure in a preventative nature not a reactive one. 

MSPs or Managed Service Providers have evolved from Application Service Providers (ASP) which also is incidentally credited originally with having started the trend for remotely supporting the IT industry through a host of managed services.

Slowly but surely the scope of Managed Services has now increased to encompass not only remote monitoring of servers and management of networks but to also include mobile device management, managing security of the network, providing firewall technology and other allied services connected with the protection of the customer’s organization and its data.

BIZ-LYNX Technology’s professional commitment to its clients.

BIZ-LYNX Technology is continuously striving to expand its ambit with a host of Value Added Services. We are totally committed to further increase our portfolio to include any/all tailor made services that the customer may require us to do. We are constantly striving to outdo ourselves and proving to our customers that they have made the correct choice by signing up with us!

If you’d like to know more about how BIZ-LYNX Technology can help you manage services for your business organization, please contact us as it would be nice to hear from you!