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Next Generation Firewalls

Next Generation Firewalls

Firewalls have evolved from traditional port based yes / no type access. Next Generation firewalls are application aware and ever evolving to mitigate against the changing landscape.

BIZ-LYNX through its trusted vendors provides security solutions encompassing mitigation from threats via URL web, Email, application, zero day, bot, IPS and can be used in the data loss prevention as well as numerous other risks.

Ease of Management, Logging and Reporting is also an essential aspect of an effective security solution as it forms the basis of remediation and analysis and ensures security is effectively maintained.

More often than not business tend to react to security threats and breaches often implementing solutions in haste. This reactive approach often means numerous security products from various vendors, each with their own management layer and reporting toolset or simply not planned effectively so do not provide complete security coverage.

Poor network design and lack of security risk consideration often ensures business that do experience a security breach are severely impacted often resulting in large remediation costs just to get back to a working condition.

Our team of qualified engineers can work with you to analyse your current infrastructure, understand your business needs and requirements and perform risk assessments with recommendations on solid industry tried and tested solutions.

We welcome your enquiry and would love to discuss how we can assist you with your network and infrastructure security strategy.