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PABX And Telephony

PABX And Telephony

BIZ-LYNX Technology offers the latest in IP Telephony technologies that includes solutions from simple dial-tone to fully integrated phone solutions with video, voice, data and collaboration features. BIZ-LYNX Technology through our partnership with CISCO Systems offers scalable and competitive solutions for small to large enterprise.

One of the great features of a CISCO IP Telephony system is that it supports all current phone lines meaning that by introducing this system there’s no need to change phone lines, telephone numbers or extension numbers. A key difference is the enhancement and integration of voice, data and video within the one solution to allow business to better manage and enhance collaboration within the work place.

Feature Rich IP Telephony Solutions

CISCO IP Telephony solutions boost business productivity by reducing IT complexity whilst offering greater acces to a number of collaborative applications.

User mobility features allow staff to have single number reach between the work phone, mobile phone or other client devices. Voicemail can be stored on the one device eliminating the need to check multiple devices. Voicemail can be integrated with email or remote dial for ease of access.

BIZ-LYNX Technology can work with business to design call plans and rules for call flow and can develop scripted call queues and autoattendant features to enhance customer service.

Video support with all solutions allows integration with CISCO TelePresence and other video systems including Microsoft OCS.

Click to dial features from Outlook, CRM products and even a website are solutions offered within the CISCO IP portfolio.

Mobile employees can access important documents using a wireless connection, they can have conference calls or
talk face-to-face via video and they can access CRM tools etc from their phone or PC.

Tele-workers can even use their laptops or desktop PCs as full featured office phones when they’re set up with telephony software.

• Support for up to 10,000 employees in a single office, multiple offices, or at branch locations.
• Support for the latest telephony technology including Cisco Unified IP Phones and the innovative applications that run on them
• Ability to support four-digit extension-based dialing, even between different locations
• Call forwarding and “find me, follow me” groups
• Forced Authorization Codes for regulating types of calls made by certain users
• SSL VPN on IP phones, simplifying remote tele-worker deployments
• Elimination of long-distance charges for calls made between different locations
• Conferencing, call-center, and customized voice response systems also available

Do you need assistance with your telecommunications provider? Need to save money on your call spend or just not sure what is SIP or other technologies? Contact us today and one of our solution experts can discuss with you the benefits of the different solutions, explain and investigate what technologies are available to you in your area and even organise an audit of your current infrastructure spend to work out the most cost effective carrier and method for your communications moving forward. We work with all of the major telecommunications providers and can tailor solutions to your preference and budgetary requirements.

Do you want to host your phone solution? As a hosting solutions provider and CISCO certified voice engineers let us design and implement your telephony solution into a secure Data Centre facility.