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Remote – Local Monitoring

Remote – Local Monitoring

Businesses rely heavily on communications infrastructure and their IT equipment, any outages and delays to resolution and restoration can have a cripping effect often amounting to loss in revenue.

BIZ-LYNX Technology understand this reality and have numerous tools and services it can provide your business to cost effectively monitor and therefore reduce the time for fault identification and resolution of your infrastructure.

Our monitoring solutions are provided both on premises or in our secured data centre and provide proactive monitoring and alerting of your infrastructure.

There are numerous risks posed to business daily from power disruption or natural disaster to threats such as ransomware or intrusion resulting in loss of data, innability to work to data breach.

Effectively mitigating those risks can be performed by providing accurate and relevant information both in a live and historical nature.

Our team can provide you or your internal ICT team solutions that can capture and / or record options of your choice such as;

  • Store and record logs from servers and devices for future analysis and potential event remediation

  • Capture network traffic and record

  • SNMP logging and recording

  • Device polling and alerting

  • Software monitoring reporting and alerting

  • Analyse traffic and alert

  • Provide compliance reporting for SLA or other regulatory bodies

  • Call logging and analysis

  • Call recording and analysis

  • Network bandwidth monitoring and analysis

  • Identity awareness – who is doing what, when and from where on your network

  • And much much more…

Contact us so we may help you effectively manage risk for your environment.