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Rent, Lease And Finance Solutions

Rent, Lease And Finance Solutions

Are you looking to purchase hardware, software or even services and would like the option to convert a CAPEX expenditure into an OPEX through an operating lease, rental or finance option, then look no further. BIZ-LYNX Technology through its vendor finance partners is able to provide cost effective and sustainable solutions for the complete asset life cycle at highly competitive rates.


A Finance Lease is the ability to convert an equipment purchase to an amortised loan over a term such as 3 years with interest and after that term offer a small residual such as $100 to own the equipment outright.

What is an Operating Lease / Rental?

An operating lease or rental is the ability to convert the purchase of equipment into a monthly expense over a term such as 3 years at a total cash price that is less than the upfront price of the equipment. After the term such as 3 years you then have the option to either return the equipment with no more to pay or offer to purchase the equipment at fair market value.

An operating lease or rental is by far the least expensive way of acquiring equipment and keeping up with the latest technology as it costs less than the outright cash price.

With our numerous vendor relationships and financial solutions partners our team can provide a tailored lease, finance or rental solution contact us today.