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Secured Data Centre Rack And RU Solutions

Secured Data Centre Rack And RU Solutions

Have you heard about Infrastructures-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)?

It is possible that you may have heard about them but in this article we are going to talk about a relatively new and revolutionary service called the Datacenter-as-a-Service (DaaS).  This service is one that lets you collect all data that is crucial to your organisation in one place so that you can fetch it and without much ado whenever there is a need to.

If you and your organisation are on the lookout for a hardware solution on lease/rent or if you are simply looking to acquire either a single, multi or caged rack space units for storage of your digital data, you might as well give us a shoutout. We have just the right solution for all of your needs.

We at BIZ-LYNX Technology offer state-of-the-art custom colocation services that are not just scalable but avoid server downtime. Server downtime can cost your business heavy losses and there is always a risk of losing out important data too.

Here is a list of the various benefits that your organisation can accrue in partnership with our expertise:

High Data Sovereignty

Your entire data is secured at our onshore sites. Because we work within the ambit of the Australian jurisdiction, we can give you a guaranteed assurance that the security of your data is always our highest priority, no matter what!

Further BIZ-LYNX Technology is an Australian owned and operated business and our hosting solutions are all local so hosting with us means you are supporting the local cloud industry and not investing in a foreign multinational cloud provider with a majority of its interests offshore.

Guaranteed Uptime

You may mitigate your concerns for sure regarding server downtime when you work with us. Since we guarantee an uncompromised 100 percent uptime, you can be extremely certain that your online presence and business can never be at any risk.

High Data Security

We used advanced security systems and protocols and therefore you can be assured that your stored data is well protected and secure from any malevolent attack or viruses.  We have also a stabilized a multi-layered security system in place whereby personnel having IDAC access cards are only allowed to enter the colocation centers and only after thorough security checks and biometric controls. All access is also monitored via CCTV.

Rack Ready Packages

If your organisation has an immediate need we also offer packages that are rack ready. These are ready made solutions where you have to only plug in and you can get started. Smaller requirement? No problem! We have space from as little as 1RU to multiple racks in secured PODs.

Why do you think you need our data security service?

  • Your data is firmly secured and free from consequences of data loss, theft or espionage;
  • No more risk of data loss because of natural calamities or power outages;
  • We ensure that your data allocation is powered at an optimal range in between 2 kW to 6 kW;
  • Our co-location servers are all located in fireproof/flood free environments;
  • You can avoid duplication and redundancy of virtual systems and components as our colocation center is powered via single phase under floor feeds and
  • You also get dual power rails fed from diverse power feeds that ensures rack-level power redundancy.
  • Single powered devices, not a problem we also provide ATS units so your single power fed units can be fed from dual power for redundancy

We observe rack level redundancy using multiple hardware support. Storing your data on our servers and data center ensures that your data is protected by law because we follow data security practices prevalent under the supervision of the Australian government’s jurisdiction. We are experts in migrating large chunks of data without facing any legal hassle or technical difficulty.

Look no further!

Whether it is small to medium scale organizations (SMBs) to enterprise levels, our co-location and rack solutions are available for everyone. It is because we believe in delivering only the best in practice solution to our customers and nothing less. Migration of data is handled proficiently and it is our mainstay. If you are looking for the most reliable partners in storing and handling your data in the Australian industry today, don’t look beyond BIZ-LYNX Technology.

We are a service driven, customer focused organisation that develops, delivers innovative and cost effective solutions to our customers.