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Data security in the wake of the ever increasing use of internet and multitude of smart devices is a matter of utmost growing concern irrespective of the size of your organization. The risk is for real and more serious than you can even imagine.

Don’t procrastinate. Protect your business applications and network from sophisticated data stealing criminals today.

How is your data at risk?

Take for instance the breach of proprietary information. Can you even imagine what kind of monetary and intellectual property loss your company can reel under if the data relating to your core products and services is stolen?

It just doesn’t stop with stealing data!

Disruption in continuous services coupled with identity fraud can put the organization under tremendous pressure and lower its productivity and in extreme cases even reduce its market equity share leading to heavy financial losses or complete loss of shareholder’s confidence.

How can BIZ-LYNX Technology help?

IT Security is as complex as it sounds. With experience and the state of art technology adopted by us, we can help you determine who exactly can access your data and who must never ever have access to it.

The simple exercise of determining checks and balances itself can give your organization a basic idea of the value of its most important asset – its data!

Conscious checks on security measures can help data stay in safe hands forever. Data can be sought to be stored at the right place so that it is easily accessible on demand and it is safely shared with business associates, partners, agents and clients without having to worry about security issues and repercussions.

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We employ SecureView, DDoS Defender and Intrusion Defender so that network is completely secured. The system is guaranteed to not only provide your business with extra security cover but it can thwart any attacks that can be aimed even at intranet and application level.

Protect your business against gargantuan risks such as spam, phishing and virus-laden e-mails. The system is an expert at detecting phishing attacks, Trojans and other malware.

This is a continuous process since newer and more sophisticated threats are evolving, we have put in a system where the e-mail filtering rules are constantly being updated resulting in being able to detect and quarantine your system to almost 100 percent of deadly viruses and nuisances like spam and hacking attacks.

Our Web security employs content filtering thereby helping to protect the user by blocking annoying malware in the firm of unsuspecting downloads and other known and unknown web threats.

We use a system called the DLA or Dynamic Link Analysis which helps in detecting and blocking the potential threats on the internet. The DLA is a highly evolved system which also avoids over-blocking of sites giving a better user experience and also simultaneously blocking out threats and attacks from dangerous sites.

Traditionally done web filtering Vis a Vis the DLA is not competent enough because of the humongous number of websites that are being created and the big amount of content that is being constantly added. DLA filters site in real-time and are extremely competent.

No business in the world is safe from malicious attacks from websites that are unsuspectingly downloaded or the ones that sneak into your system and attack legitimately stored data files.

Call us now for a consultation

If your business has experienced or is under any kind of data threat, it is time you rethink web protection.

BIZ-LYNX Technology offers complete managed service that may be required by your organization guaranteeing you peace of mind.

Our team of experienced professionals continuously monitors and defends your network, intranet and business applications offering overall protection.

A thorough assessment of risks by BIZ-LYNX specialists will ensure an online and offline assessment of your system’s vulnerability to various threats. The security strategies will be recommended based on the business’s requirement alone.

1. Vulnerability Assessments

A process whereby we identify, quantify and prioritize the vulnerabilities in the system, application or network. Often, this is the first step that is taken.

2. Penetration Testing

Continuous evaluation of the security of the computer network by simulating any form of attack from malicious source to take recommended corrective action and evaluate the effectiveness of existing security measures. It is almost likened to safety drill to understand the system’s preparedness to face challenges of any kind of security breach.

3. PCI Compliance

PCI DSS is statutorily implemented by all commercial organizations that process, store and transmit credit cardholder data. This is mainly done to maintain the safety of personal information and avoid any potential fraud with the data so collected, stored and transmitted such as leftover catche data of cardholders.

4. Social engineering

Our Trained consultants attempt to infiltrate your network system to assess your safety preparedness in any kind of an attack using one or a combination of attack systems like malware, phishing mails or infiltrating into your network files to try and assess just how much your organization is at risk from motivated or terrorist attacks.

5. DOS Denial of Services test

We test the strength of your business’s infrastructure by exploiting one or many weaknesses in order to let the system fail.  The motive for doing so is to cause the security environment to fail so that the system is strengthened against application-layer Denial of Service attacks.

Why choose BIZ-LYNX Technology?

Our experts are geared to take care of any potential attack on your company’s network systems. We employ the latest and the best systems in order to provide clients cutting edge solutions to assess and continuously monitor the network in order to be geared for any malicious attacks.

Remember breach of security can cause you an immense amount of damage and tensions that prudence can prevent. Call us now!


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Email And Web Security

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