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Server Hosting Solutions

Server Hosting Solutions

Server hosting refers to offsite management and the upkeep of hardware resources that are specifically dedicated for the company’s use. Server hosting solution is made up of three different services and they are:

• managed hosting,
• virtual private servers and
• dedicated servers

Companies generally hire hosting services based on their budget and their requirements. The services can be upgraded or downgraded as the company grows bigger or gets scaled down. This is a far better option for businesses that do not want to spend money on the hardware and software upkeep along with managing a dedicated IT team/department.

What is the benefit of using the Hosting Services?

One of the biggest advantages of using hosting service by service providers is that companies can eliminate the need of keeping the server resources on to a website or onto the cloud. The server hosting provider will take the entire responsibility of adding the requisite hardware and its maintenance; ensuring good upkeep and also troubleshooting when crises strike.

Apart from this, there are also several other benefits that accrue such as:

Truly Simplified Billing

Our simplified billing options make it a simple solution where you can pay as you grow without worrying about CPU, Memory, Download or other requirements. We provide billing options most suitable to your needs such as;

• Per User per month
• Per Server per month
• Per RU / Per Rack per month

We can also provide compute capacity pricing if this is a requirement. Most of our solutions come with unlimited internet, dedicated IP address and VPN access, dedicated network and numerous other features making hosting with us a simple proposition.

Data’s security

Security of its data is of paramount importance to a company. BIZ-LYNX Technology’s server hosting solution ensures that the company’s data is secure and the backup of the data is regularly taken. For Server hosting providers, data security can be easily managed as their server resources are protected in data centers behind multiple firewalls and also physical security measures. We strive to continuously think of ways to make sure that the data integrity and security of the clients is never ever compromised for example we have also strived to keep data in multiple locations to prevent data loss in case of any unforeseen hardware failure or any natural disasters like an earthquake which is purely as Act of God and not really predictable till it actually happens.

Maintenance of own servers

We also lease server resources to our clients on their own site. The idea is viable for companies who opt to have the server deliver to their site and are able to exercise control over the hardware, operating system and the software. In case there is any issue with such leased servers, BIZ-LYNX Technology’s dedicated staff will on demand step in to take elaborate care,maintenance and monitoring of the server’s health.

Dedicated server

A lot of companies do not prefer an onsite server at their office premises. In this kind of scenario we lease a dedicated server for the company’s use at predefined charges. The server can be anywhere, either in a remote location or in the same place but at an off-site location.. The advantage of hiring a dedicated server is that since it has bigger memory, hard disk space, and bandwidth, it is the ideal option for companies that have or anticipate heavy flow of traffic on their website and would like their website to not experience any downtime at all. These are organisations that primarily depend on their computer systems and any hitch in the system can cost them not only huge money but a stain on their goodwill and reputation.

More often, a company that prefers rented dedicated servers also like to have their own Operating Systems. BIZ-LYNX Technology is equipped enough to allow them to install their own customized operating system, better known as co-location.

VPS aka Virtual private server

Multiple Virtual Servers (VPS) can also be set up on a single server itself. These can act as a dedicated server but at smaller scale making it a viable option for those companies who want to benefit from a dedicated server all for themselves yet they are not big enough to utilize the entire server for their use.

High Data Sovereignty

Your entire data is secured at our onshore sites. Because we work within the ambit of the Australian jurisdiction, we can give you a guaranteed assurance that the security of your data is always our highest priority, no matter what!

Further BIZ-LYNX Technology is an Australian owned and operated business and our hosting solutions are all local so hosting with us means you are supporting the local cloud industry and not investing in a foreign multinational cloud provider with a majority of its interests offshore.

Here is why you must try us at BIZ-LYNX Technology?

If you are looking for a company that provides not just great hosting options but also value for your money then BIZ-LYNX Technology is the most reliable providers of server hosting solutions. We provide customized solutions as per your the company’s needs and our pricing module is easier for companies to manage and work within their budget.

BIZ-LYNX Technology has a team of highly qualified engineers that can design, deploy and fully manage system support. For more information on our services, give us a call or drop us a message now! We would love hearing from you.