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Software As A Service

Software As A Service

Software as a service (SAAS) is transforming the way business organisations use information technology towards their main aim of being productive and being competitive. Till only a few years ago, businesses that wanted to be pioneers in their fields were required to buy or build their own IT infrastructure in order to maintain data integrity by storing it very safely.

With time this has thankfully changed! Today, with services like the SAAS that is readily available in the market, companies now no longer need to go the traditional way spending exponential sums to make and maintain their IT infrastructures. The SAAS quite simply put is software distribution model in which a third party acts like a service provider that helps with host application making them available to the client through the internet.

Here is why SAAS is gaining popularity?

SAAS Providers are immensely popular because more and more companies are jumping onto their bandwagon. This, while beneficial for the providers, can be quite a daunting task for SAAS providers. The SAAS providers are responsible for the clients’ systems and software and are required to obtain Service Level Agreements – that in turn require SSAE 16 Hosting Certification or HIPAA Hosting expertise. It goes without saying that companies like BIZ-LYNX Technology the have the required certification and the expertise to handle top notch SAAS hosting services to the client are creating waves in the market and for good.

BIZ-LYNX Technology at your service!

BIZ-LYNX Technology’s SAAS hosting service helps the client focus on his infrastructure fully while it takes care of all practical aspects like the hardware, virtual servers, high-performance cloud, etc. we provide dedicated support for data migration, building and comprehensive management of the environment. The client does not have to worry becasue even the Operating System is installed by us and all the adequate software tools is provided. We make sure that we deliver to the utmost satisfaction of our clients and that is something that we believe in and work towards.

Here is a list of the benefits that can accrue when we do the SAAS Hosting for you:

Support in app building

There is no doubt about the fact that an application building process can be time-consuming requiring high level of experts. We take care of all your hosting needs and also the app building for you thus saving you and your customer time and money and the energy to focus on your organisational goals.

Accruement of cost benefit

It is economical to have a SAAS host instead of spending thousands of dollars building and maintain a host. A lot of organisations start out with a small hosting service and over time as they grow from strength to strength they start building on the volume. But if you opt for our SAAS hosting service from the beginning itself, you can definitely save yourself the hassle of continuously rebuilding as we will take care of the volume and the size.

The amount of money that you as an organisation can save is big and additionally you can be sure to get absolute value for your money invested.

Smoother upgrades

As a SAAS provider we manage all your upgrades and updates. Customers are not required to manually download the patches and install them on their own. We also take care of the availability so that you do not have to bother to add additional hardware, supplementary software or additional bandwidth as the usage increases.

Higher level of Adoption

Our SAAS application can be available from any device; laptop or computer, regardless of place and time. Most people use the internet to find out about what they need to so there is a lower learning curve and therefore our SAAS application has higher rate of adoption.


As a proficient SAAS provider, we can customize our services as per the client’s requirements. You ask us and we get it for you! Moreover, we can also provide APIs that can let you integrate with existing ERPs or with other businesses.

In conclusion, we not only ask you to explore the SAAS service that is available in the market but implore you to try BIZ-LYNX Technology’s service offering before you zero in on anything else. We promise you that we will never disappoint you!

We take care of all your hosting needs leaving you to take care of your business processes.