Telco Services

What is SIP ? What is an ISDN ? Looking to save money on your communications infrastructure and carrier costs ?

As communications solution architects and engineers we work with numerous carriers and customers to provide cost effective and quality communications infrastructure. Being carrier agnostic we can work with your carrier of choice or provide advice on cost effective communications methods.

We also design and implement highly available and secure communications solutions to ensure your business continues to communicate even during a disaster.

Communications Remediation and Cost Savings Analysis

Businesses grow and communications requirements evolve, what was an effective technology tool yesterday may not necessarily be the best solution today.

Often with new technologies and trends current solutions are often at a lower TCO, offer greater performance and enable customers to perform more tasks.

By engaging with us our team of engineers can examine your current communications spend, analyse your future goals and requirements and provide options from both a carriage perspective as well as infrastructure.

VOCUS Communications Platinum Business Partners

If you do not have a preferred carrier we can provide a highly competitive and reliable solution for you.

Contact us today so we may work with you to develop a non complex cost effective solution that clearly outlines cost savings and technology enhancements to your business needs.