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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

BIZ-LYNX Technology is proud to present a comprehensive package of advanced video conferencing solutions ready to be installed in no time. Our complete range of advanced video conferencing systems will fit almost every type of requirement or application. Because of the options, we have enumerated all of them here with a brief description. 

Broadly speaking, there are four types of Tele-presence solutions that are available to end users:

This advanced video conferencing solution is ideal to be used in office and in conference rooms. A room system can also form the backbone system to other systems such as the desktop and mobile video conferencing systems in order to facilitate effective communication inside the organization.

Desktop tele-presence system enables HD video conferencing on your Personal Computer or desktop itself. This may be chosen in case the organization’s conference room is too small to accommodate comprehensive system or the participants to the teleconference are to be remotely contacted.

Nothing is perhaps more convenient than mobile technology that can allow HD video conferencing between mobile phones. The mobile application for this purpose is well-designed and extremely easy to use. And the good news is that it is compatible both with Android and iOS Operating Systems.


Can video conferencing be possible without the use of equipment? Yes, that can be possible if the video conferencing is offered by a SIP host provider. This turns out real cheap as its running is looked after by a SIP application on the mobile phone.


Network Latency is often considered all too late – accessing your email from the same country and even the same state can have a major impact in the speed and accessibility of your data. Is your hosting provider local to your business operations, this can have a major impact in performance?

Here is why you must choose BIZ-LYNX Technology for video conferencing services?

The introduction of mobile and desktop video conferencing has been able to do away with setting up of comprehensive video conferencing across its business place thus considerably reducing costs. We can help you set up the right Video conferencing cost-effective solutions based on your needs & requirement.

It is anybody’s guess that there is a deep connection between clear communication and increased productivity. With latest tele-presence/video conferencing solutions & high-speed internet, you can be assured that the information is effectively being transmitted and also ensure that it is received equally well at the other end.

Move on with expensive traveling. With the world of convenience that video conferencing offers which would ever want to take the trouble to travel? Unless of course it is for leisure; *winks* A good setup video conferencing will mean not having to fly staff anywhere either adding big savings to your organization’s bottom line.


Training done remotely through video conferencing can be as effective as done face to face. Now there is no more the need to fly your important staff for client training and troubleshooting because the problem can be set right from wherever he is!


You can have the utmost convenience of interviewing an offsite candidate through HD conference. A great way is also to ensure that only shortlisted candidates walk through the door for final selection and recruitment.

At BIZ-LYNX Technology, it is our constant endeavor to keep you abreast with the latest technologies that will help your organization. Video conferencing with the available technology is not only easy to use and but also forward looking.