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Virtualization in the simplest terms means virtual memory. It enables the organization’s server to be saved at an offsite location. Having the server stored elsewhere entails immense benefits. The chief one amongst them is that the software that your business employs can afford to use more storage space than what is available on your systems.

Here are some questions to ask your business for a start.

Does your organization need constant installation of more and more technological tools but cannot because there is no free space on the server?

Do you think twice before buying extra servers because you dread the trouble and the time it will take to become operational?

Do you also experience rapid and harrowing downtime because there is a possible overload on your server?

If you answered in affirmative to any one of the above questions, then what you must urgently adopt is Virtualization.

Here are the other benefits that can accrue due to virtualization.

Because of the offsite location of the servers, there is more space per software application and thankfully there is neither squeezing of data nor there is any overloading of data on the physical servers.

A disaster spells havoc for an organization. Data recovery because of disaster is easy and less cumbersome with virtualization because it allows for seamless data recovery. The provision of being able to create a back-up of the overlapping data or the previous data on an USB drive is the most useful hack!

The offsite location of the servers ensures that optimum usage of storage space is achieved

Since virtualization ensures economical use of server space, there is a pronounced reduction in the electricity bills because lesser servers also mean lesser energy required to cool them down.

Virtualization allows for abstraction between computer storage and hardware and as a result lesser hardware needs to be employed at offices to enjoy better technology.

Virtual memory with the aid of virtualization will enable the business to take advantage of benefitting from pooled resources in the organization without even causing a minute’s disruption in the business of the organization.

Imagine the collateral benefit to the environment by utilizing lesser energy to run servers. It is a conscious effort to leave lesser carbon footprints.

BIZ-LYNX Technology: Helping you do much more.

The bulky physical servers are definitely a thing of the past. Let BIZ-LYNX Technology show you how you can do wonder without having to buy extra hardware and bulky space eating servers.  Its virtualization service can help virtualized anything from networks to storage, whether it is your laptop, your O/S or your apps

Virtualization has the power to literally change the way you run your business and that too positively.

Getting better returns on your IT infrastructure investment.

Virtualization helps in getting a better return on your hardware investment and this is largely because there is no need at all for constantly buying and updating your system’s hardware.

It is touted as the technology of today.

Virtualization allows for operating multiple systems and applications using a single server. It is the most viable proposition in today’s intensely competitive world where even simple cut in operating costs can create a big impact for the organization.

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As specialists in Virtualization needs, we take immense pride in our expertise in Hyper-V, VMware and OpenStack. Even though the shift to virtualization is as seamless as it can be, the benefits that it can accrue is mind-blowing. Deploying virtual infrastructure into your business organization will take literally no time and the system will run exactly the way it used to albeit much more efficiently!

Trust our experience.

Virtualization is indeed the panacea for all your downtime and system overloading woes. This is one move your business will never ever regret it made.

So let’s discuss how we can help you in implementing Virtualized solutions for your organization.